Mysterious Object Sighted…..

Hey fellow bloggers, I just returned from my evening class and need help identifying this mysterious object that showed up as part of an instructional technique (in my most recent adventures as a student :))


There was a fan type of noise and some clear plastic pages (that ultimately ended up on the floor)……

Can anyone help?



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5 responses to “Mysterious Object Sighted…..

  1. Hey Reenie, the U.of R. prof in this video

    clearly describes what you must have seen.

  2. This is too funny. I have one in my classroom but the students use it so that they can manipulate pictures on a white board and make up stories. They love being able to move the characters around but it has been a while since I used one as a teaching tool (although there are many resources still out their that use overheads).

    • LOL – thanks for checking in Honni. I must admit I was surprised to see it in action….. with all the other options out there – I think we should hide the bulbs for these things

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